Here you can learn how to use Dino features.

File templates

You can create templates from files that you frequently create. For example, if you often create  documents, you can create an empty document and save the document as document.txt in the ~/Templates folder. The template name is displayed as a submenu item in the “New” menu. You can also share templates. Create a symbolic link from the template folder to the folder containing the shared templates.

To create a document from template perform the following steps:
  1. Go to the folder where you want to create the new document.
  2. Right-click on the background of the view pane, then choose New.
  3. The names of any available templates are displayed in New menu.
  4. Click on the template name for the document that you want to create.

Selection by pattern

This action helps you to easy get item selection that you need.  For example, you have 100 files in folder. Files has different names and types. You need to delete/move only 3 html files.  It is very difficult to find them and select. So it is easier to use the action “Select by pattern” in Edit > Select by pattern. Call Edit > Select by pattern. Then put pattern “*.html“, it will select all html files. Then you can work with selected files.

It can help you.

c Any character represents itself apart from those mentioned below. Thus c matches the character c.
? Matches any single character.
* Matches zero or more of any characters.
[...] Sets of characters can be represented in square brackets, similar to full regexps. Within the character class, like outside, backslash has no special meaning.

More information about syntax find in the web about Wildcard.




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